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Cleanland (Tirth Hygiene Technology Private Limited) is following “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” by providing cleaning technology solutions & services.

We, Cleanland are road sweeping machine manufacturer from Gujarat, India since 2013, providing one of the best cleaning with Ride on Sweeper machine at places, such as many areas of Bus Stand, Stadium, Railway Station, Museum, Airport, Zoo, Hospital, Public Garden, Streets, Roads, Highways, Amusement Park, Colonies, Industries and many more.

“Cleanland Sweeping Machine” is suitable for cleaning of roads, ports, industrial area by removing dust, pebble, leaves, loose deposits, coal, dry fertilizer, silica waste and cement waste etc. We have already sold more than 250 machines to various Municipal Corporations, Industries and Corporate in Gujarat, M.P., Delhi, Maharashtra, Kashmir, etc.

Road Sweeping Machine | Shakti Champion a heavy duty road sweeper
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OUR Sales & Service Area Includes

Andhra Pradesh | Arunachal Pradesh | Assam | Bihar | Chhattisgarh | Delhi | Goa | Gujarat | Haryana | Himachal Pradesh | Jammu and Kashmir | Jharkhand | Karnataka | Kerala | Madhya Pradesh | Maharashtra | Manipur | Meghalaya | Mizoram | Nagaland | Odisha | Punjab | Rajasthan | Tamil Nadu | Telangana | Tripura | Uttar Pradesh | Uttarakhand | West Bengal

OUR Export Listed Countries

UAE | Kenya | Saudi Arabia | Ghana | Tanzania | Algeria | South Africa | Nigeria | Uganda | Australia | New Zealand | Indonesia | Thailand | South Korea | Hong Kong | Namibia | Zambia | Angola | Zimbabwe | South Sudan | Ethiopia | Sudan | Chad | Egypt | Libya | Somalia | Botswana

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Sweeping Machine is a diesel operated mechanical sweeper, powered by a diesel engine. Dirt and debris is collected by side brooms which convey the debris towards the center of the machine where the central cylindrical broom throws it at high speed directly on the hopper.

Dust storage tank capacity is the capacity of the debris that can be collected in the dust container or hopper. At Cleanland we offer different models with the hoppers capacity ranging from 600 ltr to 6000 ltr.

All our models are fuel efficient and operate at low fuel consumption. We offer the best in class fuel efficiency. It ranges from as low as 2 to 2.5 ltr per hour for Ride-on models.

The bristles of the brushes are made up of polymer and tend to wear out with continuous usage. Cleanland uses premium quality brushes that ensure proper and efficient cleaning along with a longer life of usage. The brushes lasts for about 300 hours of operation (depending upon the dust condition and area of usage) before there is a need of replacement brushes.

The most common among the consumables are:
Outer parts:  Main Broom, Main Broom Rubber, Main Broom Side Rubber, Side Brush
Inner parts: Air filter, fuel filter, Fuel pre filter, Engine oil filter, Hydraulic return line filter, flap rubber and triangle rubber
The items are easily available at our online shop with exciting offers. We also have combo units available.

At Cleanland, all our Road Sweeping Machines are approved by CMVR and can be registered at various state level RTO’s. Based on the area of usage and application, if you require RTO approval at your end we will help you with the necessary document to get the approval.

The Sweeping productivity of the Road Sweeping Machine is the area it covers in a given time. It is based on the size of the brush and distance the machine covers. Based on it, the theoretical sweeping productivity of the models ranges from 184000 sq. ft. / hr. to 30000 sq. mtr / hr.

Cleanland manufactures 4 models of Sweeping machine. The sweeping width of the models ranges from 1523 mm to 3000 mm.

As the term itself explains, it is the capacity of how much fuel the tank can store. It is an important feature as a small would mean that the machine operator would have to drive the machine over to the fuel filling area time and again. Our Machines contain good capacity fuel tank that is more 35 ltr, so as to ensure a longer period of operation without those halts.

Cleanland uses premium quality parts in the machine and the spare parts are easily available. You can simply call our service team @ 8154001496 or visit our online store and your spares will be with you in no time.  You can also email us @ [email protected]

You can check the cost of the spare parts along with the best offers available at our online shop.