battery operated sweeping machine

Cleanland, the leading manufacturer of sweeping machines is the hygiene division of Tirth Agro Technology Pvt Ltd. which is a market leader in agriculture machinery doing business under the famous brand name of Shaktiman in India and across the world in 40+ countries.

In the ceramic industries clean and dust-free environment is required to ensure good quality end product which is prior goal of any tile or ceramic manufacturer. Our Battery operated VS-100 sweeping machine best suits the requirement for sweeping and cleaning for tile and ceramic industry due to its compact size, effective and thorough cleaning along-with the dust collecting hoppers so that the dust could be collected and dumped outside the factory premises. With the highly advanced sweeping technology along with the suction these machines are capable of driving towards any floor dirt to remove it, and the high grade Spun Bonded Polyester filters traps the dust to the size of 3 microns.

The Battery Operated Model covers approximately 50000 sq.ft/hr with the battery back-up of 4-5 hours once charged.

We are manufacturer, supplier and exporters of battery operated sweeping machine for road/street and industrial cleaning from Gujarat, INDIA.

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