Powered floor cleaning equipment is the solution for cleaning hard floors in large industrial spaces is as they provide excellent cleaning results much more quickly as compared to manual processes. Cleanland offers a wide range of sweeping machines that are designed to fulfill all the needs of your workplace for maintaining a clean and safe working environment.

We offer all product categories from our floor cleaning range on a short term and long term rentals. Renting sweeping machines is a cost-effective way of investing in this type of asset, as, like all machines, they require ongoing maintenance and servicing, and by hiring the machine, you do not have to worry about ongoing maintenance, making rental an affordable option for all businesses.

Why it’s better to hire on an hourly basis than buying:

  • Reduces financial outlay of your business in the form of substantial capital investment.
  • Opens up a wide range of product options for the company to select from rather than owing just one type of machine
  • Provides you with maximum flexibility as you pay for the hours that the equipment is being used.
  • No need for long term contracts as you can hire the equipment as and when you need or on special occasions such as before an audit or a visit from foreign dignitaries.
  • Hiring a sweeper machine helps you in maintaining the hygiene standards of your business while eliminating the need for employing a workforce to carry out the same task.

Manual cleaning of large industrial spaces is a very inefficient and time-consuming option. If your company are needing a floor-sweeping machine, and do not want to make a significant capital investment in buying this type of equipment, then sweeping machine from Cleanland is the perfect solution for you. It is a hassle-free way of investing in good quality and reliable cleaning solutions.