CLEANLAND - Road cleaning machine

After the rain, slush on the roads has dried up and converted into dust. The dust rises up in the atmosphere due to vehicular or pedestrian movement. Due to the constant dust in the air the city’s ambient air quality has deteriorated to a great extent. Small dust particles can lead to moderate to severe respiratory conditions like hay fever, common cold, cough, eyes and throat irritation, asthma, dust pneumonia chronic obstructive airways disease.

All public roads, streets, lanes and bye-lanes having habitation or commercial activity on one or both sides of the street and keeping it clean on a daily basis is indeed a major task and challenge. ‘Cleanland’ have the experience and expertise in the field of heavy duty sweeping machines designed for continuous sweeping applications. Cleanland sweeping machines are provided with cabin for the driver to make it comfortable to work in dusty and hazardous environment. Truck mounted road cleaning machines/ diesel operated ride on road sweeping machines help the state and Municipal Corporation to keep the city roads dust free.

Cleanland sweeping machines series VS-Shakti-6000 Truck mounted uses combined function of brushes and suction power is used to complete any cleaning task. The brushes work to collect the debris and bring them near the suction nozzle to filter fine particulates and clean without raising dust. It is an easy-to-use machine that has low management and consumption costs. Cleanland’ offers several options to fit your renting needs be it short term or long term rentals. We can also offer you the best prices that compare favorably with the market for purchasing a ‘Cleanland’ road cleaning machine. Our team at ‘Cleanland’ can conduct a FREE ON-SITE survey to help determine what would work best for your application. Please feel free to contact us on 8154002326 or email us at [email protected] to arrange it.

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