CLEANLAND - Industrial road cleaning machine

The cement manufacturing plant generates a lot of solid dust besides spillage of raw material. Cleaning of solid dust, raw materials which overflow and fine dust on the road surface during manufacturing process of cement forms the main part of housekeeping. ‘Cleanland’ has introduced a GL-Shakti-009 Premium Plus heavy duty sweeping machine for heavy dusty applications. It’s a perfect match for keeping workplaces clean and tidy presents many health and safety benefits for customers, employers and employees alike.

  • Safe working environment for everyone working at cement and steel plants should always be management’s number one priority. A regular cleaning schedule will help ensure the potential for accidents and incidents is kept to a minimum.
  • Presentation is important although cement and steel plants have busy working environments. A clean plant, clear of dust and debris, also provides a better, healthier working environment. Employees are happier and more motivated when their workspace cared for free of the distraction and low morale that excess dirt and mess can cause.
  • Dust Control: High dust levels are an unwelcome feature of the open-plan nature of cement and steel plants. The constant movement of trucks, forklifts and other product moving equipment produces high levels of dust, making it a real challenge; Powerful road sweeping machines offer a way to make significant inroads into reducing dust build-up.

Cleanland’ sweeping machine offers several options to fit your renting needs be it short term or long term rentals. We can also offer you the best prices that compare favorably with the market for purchasing a ‘Cleanland’ road cleaning machine. Our team at ‘Cleanland’ can conduct a FREE ON-SITE survey to help determine what would work best for your application. Please feel free to contact us on 8154002326 or email us at [email protected] to arrange it.

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