Road Sweeping machine by Cleanland

Laying Down the Road to Success

Roads have always been the focal point of building great cities. All great cities have boasted of spotlessly clean roads laid out like a carpet fit for royalty. At a good manufacturing unit, the production floor is always clean and tidy. Quick removal of waste decreases the interval time between production cycles. It is also key to decongesting the shop floor and averting unwanted accidents at the workplace. Whether it is roads in a city or industrial layouts, cleanliness and hygiene are always the precedents to awaiting success.

The Force that Drives Sparkling Clean Roads

Cleanland is an iconic brand name that specializes in producing Industrial Floor Cleaners that have the capacity for easy mobility and can be used for automated collection of perishable waste, industrial waste, manufacturing garbage, hazardous chemical waste and plastic remnants. Our Road Sweeping Machines are easy to operate and smart vehicles that can be installed at significant traffic junctions that receive heavy footfall as well as places of public interest and importance in any smart city.

Ride-on Road Sweeper

Based out of Gujarat, the sparkling cleanliness that greets any visitor, whether they arrive in the capital city – Gandhinagar or the smart city – Ahmedabad and travel to diverse places of their interest & attraction, is testimony to our success and efficacy. The easy-to-use Ride on Road Sweeper is an automated cleaning machine that can be installed in various places in a city such as Bus Stand, Stadium, Railway Station, Museum, Airport, Zoo, Hospital, Public Garden, Streets, Roads, Highways, Amusement Park, Colonies. At the same time, it can also find use in Industrial layouts that lay stress on cleanliness and waste removal.

Ask Questions, Make Informed Decisions

Where can we use the Ride on Road Sweeper?

The Ride-on Road Sweeper is best suited for maintaining Highway Roads, Port areas, Airports, and places of public interest such as tourist attractions as well as Factories, Mills & Industrial layouts. It is equally effective in cleaning and clearing industrial waste as it is maintaining hygiene in domestic & private circuits.

What industries can employ the use of Ride on Road Sweeper?

Ride on Road Sweeper is available in three models,

  • GL-SHAKTI-009- PREMIUM with a storage capacity of 600 ltrs
  • CHAMPION with a storage capacity of 600 ltrs
  • PREMIUM PLUS with a storage capacity of 850 ltrs capacity

Premium and Premium Plus models are an ideal match for low & medium dusty conditions and hence suitable for industries such as cement plants, construction sites and housing societies or gated townships.

The Champion is an ideal match for low to medium dusty conditions. It includes Pharma Industry, Gated Communities such as modern townships or housing societies, FMG industry, and engineering sites.

VS-6000 Truck Mounted Sweeper is ideal for situations where there is a continuous requirement for heavy cleaning. Areas such as sewage cleaning in municipalities, mining units, and chemical plants fall under this category. Many industries require a clean work floor at all times and the production process leaves behind a lot of waste. These industries can benefit greatly from the VS Shakti 6000 Mounted Ride on Road Sweeper.

What is the waste-collecting capacity of the VS 6000 Truck Mounted Sweeper?

The VS Shakti 6000 Truck Mounted Sweeper is a fully automated road cleaning machine that has a collection or storage capacity of 6000 kg.

Is the Ride on Road Sweeper suitable for tackling heavy waste loads?

You can attach Ride-on Road Sweeper to a VS Shakti 6000 truck for catering to heavy loads. It mounts on a truck, lorry or heavy vehicle as an appendage to service heavy waste loads.

Heavy load industries such as mining and manufacturing which require faster cleaning time frames and leave behind a lot of industrial waste have benefitted greatly from the VS Shakti 6000 Mounted Ride on Road Sweeper.

Can the Ride on Road Sweeper be used for smaller private spaces & domestic circuits?

Ride-on Road Sweeper is also available as a battery-operated cleaning machine that can be used for cleaning basements, hospitals, hotels, supermarkets as well as domestic spaces. It is easy to operate and a single operator can handle it. The machine is easy to maneuver and steer in congested spaces and has a very small radius of curvature for changing directions.