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When talking about business premises, the areas that come into the picture are Business complexes, healthcare facilities, Apartments / Societies, Industries, Universities, etc. In all these places, cleanliness takes some kind of priority. Inside floors are wiped and mopped on regular basis; inner walls, pillars, and furniture are taken good care of. However, with all this attention being focused on the inside cleaning, the outdoor cleaning still remains an area that requires a good deal of attention and improvement.

Consequences of avoiding outdoor cleaning

The areas that fall under outdoor cleaning are street cleaning, campus cleaning, and outer walls cleaning. It is equally (if not more) important to maintain the outdoor cleanliness along with the inside decorum. We neglect outdoor cleaning often and it can have serious effects and repercussions which include:

Health and safety perspectives: It is important to regularize the street cleaning as the dirt & debris accumulated outside of a business can lead to serious potential health hazards. Firstly, inhaling the dust particles can lead to serious diseases like Acute Bronchitis, Asthma, etc. Secondly, it looks unhygienic and hence can make a person uncomfortable.

Changing the perception of your business: General survey shows that the external appearance of the premises influences more than 90% of people subconsciously. They take it into concern while making the decision whether to associate with them or not. Let’s take an example of a family searching for an apartment and they visit a township. Now, if the outer premises of the township is not clean and well maintained, they are less likely to invest in an apartment there. The same goes for any other business model. Hence it is important to maintain outdoor cleanliness.

Main sources of the street wastes

Generally, the street waste falls under 3 categories:

Natural Waste

Natural wastes include dust, fallen leaves, and dried-up flowers blown from the open areas. The disadvantage in case of the natural waste is that it is almost impossible to avoid it. However, regular cleaning with the help of a Sweeping machine can reduce the dust and debris to a great extent.

Road Traffic Waste

This category consists of the waste which is deposited on the roads and roadsides due to the heavy vehicle traffic like the oil spillage, and mud settling on roads after the rains. This kind of waste and deposits are also highly unavoidable and generally municipal authorities of the area clean it. They carry out the cleaning process either by manual workforce or with the help of road sweeper machines. The street sweeper machines decrease the labour and increase the productivity.

Behavioural Waste

The litter that humans throw falls under this category. This is the waste material that people throw outside their houses and pedestrians who throw the waste on the sideways instead of dustbins. It also includes the human spittle and pet excreta. The waste materials contaminate the air and pose serious threats to humans.

Behavioral waste is a category that is highly avoidable. There are three ways to do it. First is the regular outdoor cleaning to avoid the piling up of the waste. Street Sweeping is carried out by Municipal Corporation to maintain hygiene. With the growth in cleaning technologies over the past decade, different bodies are now using road sweeping machines to clean the streets. The other way to mitigate the waste is with the help of recycling technologies. You can recycle the waste materials and put it into some use. Lastly, spreading awareness among the masses and educating them about the importance of outdoor cleaning.

Environmental & Health benefits of regular outdoor cleaning

Outdoor cleaning derives a lot of benefits. It includes an increase in safety and hygiene, prolonging the life of pavements, improving the property values, etc. The advantages of Regular Street sweeping/cleaning include:

Dust Control

It is one of the most common air pollutants and it can cause both health issues and environmental problems. With the help of regular street sweeping, the accumulation of dust on the streets reduces. With the increased use of the dust control road sweeping machines, street cleaning has improved a lot due to its efficiency and ability to work in harsh climatic conditions.

Animal safety

Animals ingest the waste materials accumulated on the sides of streets which can be very harmful to their life. Routine road cleaning protects the animals from this threat.

These benefits along with many others are the reason why we should regularize routine road sweeping.

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