road sweeping machine

Taking care of any machine after purchase is very important so that it functions properly for a longer period of time. Similarly, in the case of your road sweeping machine, if it is not maintained properly, it will result in the machine parts degrading over time (like any other mechanical product), which can further result in breakdowns and costly repair work. One can avoid it by just checking up on the maintenance status of the machine from time to time.

If you have purchased a sweeper or have one on a hire basis, these methods will help you keep the machine intact. Here is the list of suggestions from experts that you can follow to extend the life of your road sweeper.


Lubrication is an important element in maintaining the efficiency of the machine and increasing its life expectancy. It reduces the friction between the parts and helps in smooth operations. The benefits of timely lubricating your machine include reduced friction, corrosion protection, reduced machine wear & tear, and reducing the excess heat that can develop due to high friction.

Generally, the schedule for the lubrication of a sweeper machine is provided by the manufacturer, and it is highly advised that it should be followed. This increases the efficiency of the parts and saves you from extensive repair charges.

Water Filter Check

 It is vital that you keep a regular check on the condition of the water filter. Periodically, you must check it for any leakage or cleanliness. If at frequent time intervals the water is getting dirty, then it’s time to seek professional advice from the manufacturer. Check-up and maintenance of the water filter does not take much if done in a timely manner.

Check for leaks

 It goes without saying that you should check for leaks in the road sweeping machine not only for the water filter but other parts as well, because from any part of the machine if fluid is leaking, that means it needs to be checked. Generally, the leakage in a sweeper machine can be of three types: water leakage, oil leakage, and fuel leakage. Based on the nature of leaks, they are classified into two types: internal leakage and external leakage. External leakages are easy to identify as the fluid is visible around the parts of the machine. However, for the internal leakages, it needs to be checked at the time of the sweeper’s service.

Cleaning Tangled Debris

 The broom/brushes of the road sweeping machine get tangled with debris over a period of time. The debris that tangles in the broom can cause damage to the bristles and reduce the life of the broom. Hence, it is important to check the bristles on a regular basis to make sure they are not tangled.

The nuts and bolts must be tightly held during the continuous operation process for the road sweeper to function properly. This is something that is left unnoticed and not given much importance. However, there have been several malfunctions in the machines which could have been avoided just with proper care and maintenance of the nuts and bolts of a few of the machine parts.

Engine and Hydraulic fluids check: Another major thing to notice and check is the engine fluids. The oil of the road sweeping machine is essential to keep the engine running in good condition. A lack of it can result in the engine choking down. Just checking it regularly for some time is enough, and when the oil levels are low, it should be re-filled and maintained. It is really important for the smooth functioning of the machine.

Safety Feature Check: It refers to the devices or features on the sweeper machine that are meant for safety purposes. It can be horns, headlights, seatbelts, and other safety equipment. It is good to do an occasional check on these devices as they are a part of the sweeping machine operator’s safety.

These road sweeping machines are designed to clean the roads and surfaces. However, it is equally important to keep these machines clean and in a healthy state to prolong their life.

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