Road Sweeping Machine

The Process of sweeping to clear the dust and debris has opted since ancient times. However, it was mostly carried out manually. Gradually, with the efforts of some curious minds, the idea of cleaning and sweeping machines was introduced. Machine cleaning rapidly became popular in households and even commercial constructions like hotels, community halls, etc. But for a long period, the industrial sweeping had not been mechanized. As far as the industrial cleaning is concerned, plants invested in the cleaning processes only when there were audits taking place and hence the cleaning process was not regular/periodic. However, with the technological advancements, many plants have now opted for the mechanized form of cleaning, whereas some are still using the traditional methods of cleaning.

The Manual Cleaning Process.

It is the process of physical removal of the dust and debris from the surface to clean it. Workers used to clean/sweep the areas manually using mops and brooms. Cleaning large industrial area or a long municipal road requires a number of workers. Traditionally this was the sole method used for cleaning and sweeping and even at present many industries are inclined towards this. As the open area of the large industries and factories is very big, it would take continuous sweeping to keep the whole area clean.

Cleaning with Machines

The growth of industrialization led to the introduction of the Sweeping machine. The machines completely revolutionized the cleaning process. Based on the areas of application, Different types of mechanized road sweepers were introduced. These machines have increased productivity exponentially. Sweeping large area in lesser time is one of the main advantages of using road sweeping machine. As per a general report, the sweeping machine can clean an area in 2-3 hours and will take more than 15 workers with their complete shifts.

The issue with manual cleaning is that in large industries, there is constant dust and debris. Hence, continuous sweeping is required as by the time one area gets swept the other parts get dusty again. So, in the case of a manual workforce, the sweeping process is an ongoing process, or else the dirt accumulates. However, the road sweeping machines cover a large area within a given time and with just one person (need to operate the sweeper)

Perks of sweeping machine:

  1. Efficiency: Sweeping machine offers high efficiency, as it sweeps more than 10000 square feet per hour. Hence, it reduces the time consumed in cleaning the same area of the plant.
  2. Reduce Cost: In front, it might seem that buying a sweeper machine means investment and that it would cost you more. However, that is not the case. The sweeper machines are capable of fulfilling the need of 12-15 workers. So, the labor cost reduces along with the welfare benefits and periodic increments.
  3. End result: With the suction and the vacuum methods on which the sweeper machine operates, the areas swept by the sweeper machines are cleaner than that done with the traditional manual cleaning methods.
  4. Security: The usage of Sweeper machines enables the cleaning of areas with extreme conditions or environmental hazards. In such places, manual cleaning is not a safe option as it might lead to health issues for the workers.
  5. Usage: The machine covers its cost within a few months of its purchase and then it will only require basic maintenance and fuel. It reduces the cleaning cost and increases productivity.

It is worth noticing that the cleaning done manually is more time-consuming and also includes hard manual work. A sweeper machine cleans the area more quickly and uniformly. Having seen the benefits of using a sweeping machine please get in touch with us for a free consultation. Let us know about your requirements and we will be glad to conduct an on-site demo at your facility.

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