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Cleanland received a significant interest from visitors at the Clean India show 2022. With our machine “GL-SHAKTI 009 Premium Plus” proving to be one of the major highlights of the show. 

The three-day exhibition started on 13th July 2022. With the grand opening it received, the Clean India Show turned out to be one of the Major Exhibition event of the year. It is the largest platform in India where the Cleaning Industries showcase their products. 

We had in showcase our two most popular Road Sweeping Machines, namely, “GL-SHAKTI-009 PREMIUM” and “GL-SHAKTI-009 PREMIUM PLUS”.  Speaking about the success of the team at the show, the Managing Director of Cleanland Manufacturers said “We are thrilled with the interest shown by the people in our machines. This interest and participation of visitors is the true reward for us.”

VENUE : Hall 3, 5, 7 India Exposition Mart, Knowledge Park-2, Greater Noida

DATE : 13th – 15th July 2022 

For more info call us: P: 079-48900236 M: +91-8154 002 326 Or Email us at: [email protected]

Moment at clean India show

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