Premium Plus Road Sweeping machine from Cleanland

Best Cleaning Solution for Cement Industry

With the exponential boost in the construction activities throughout the world, the demand of cement and hence the cement manufacturing industries have also increased. Based on this high demand of cement, the manufacturing units are working to achieve higher production levels.

Cleanland, India’s leading Road Sweeping Machine Manufacturer and suppliers, offer high efficiency ride on road sweepers for cement industries. In the cement plants, one of the most challenging task is to control the dust and the spillage on the factory inner roads and achieve higher order of cleanliness. The production of cement contains the involvement of grinding, quarrying, kilns, packaging. All these processes includes high amount of dust in the open that eventually settles on the roads.

industrial floor cleaning machine

 Cleanland Manufacturers, India’s leading manufacturer of  industrial floor cleaning machine offers efficient and wide range of sweeping solutions   for the cement industries. Our models includes Truck mounted road sweeper for large cement industries with larger area to clean and the smaller   machine is a ride on road sweeper machine.

 Let’s look at the features and specifications of the best machine for sweeping operations at cement plants that is GL Shakti 009 Premium Plus by   Cleanland. Our industrial floor cleaning machine is a heavy-duty machine designed to perform in challenging and extreme conditions giving the best   cleaning solution for your needs thus making our contributions towards a cleaner India. Highly efficient and high power Shakti Premium Plus is laced   with some exemplary features like it is powered by 59 Horse Power Perkins Engine, Eaton Hydraulic Pump, and high-   efficiency filter system.


Cleaning Mechanism

The debris collection mechanism is controlled by the lever which are placed in the operator cabin. The main brush rotates at a high speed with the help you a 59HP Perkins engine. The brush with its high-speed rotation, blows the dust and debris directly into the hopper and the air that contains the dust is passed through the filter.

The whole process is designed in a way to make sure that the roads are swept efficiently and along with that the dust particles does not spread in the air.


The Shakti Premium Plus road sweeper has a cabin that is completely closed. It is a spacious and operator friendly cabin that helps the operator to work in intense dust and extreme conditions.

Packed with all the latest piece of equipment, the Premium Plus road sweeper is one of the most equipped and advanced road sweeping machine especially when it comes to the Cement industry, considering the dust and debris of Cement plants are on a higher side.

Machine from Cleanland Manufacturers undergoes rigorous quality test at different stages. This tough practices are done to make sure that the machines requires less after sale services and spare parts change over their lifetime operations. It also assures the overall cost optimization of ownership.

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