When it comes to professional cleaning, industrial cleaning requires a lot of effort and expertise. Since Industrial facilities often contain complex and heavy equipment and chemicals that require special cleaning. This is where Cleanland comes in. Cleanland truck mounted sweeping machine with 105 hp power at a 2200 rpm auxiliary engine, a 6000-liter dust collection capacity, and a 30000 m²/h cleaning area is the ideal solution for your heavy cleaning jobs and long working hours sweeping requirements.

Global Understanding of Truck Mounted Road Sweeper.

According to a market study by TechSci Research, the global street sweeper market is driven by the increasing development of highway construction to improve existing road networks. Moreover, the widespread use of sweeper trucks by highway authorities, municipal authorities, and project developers to speed up the development and maintenance activities of their manufacturing plants and other massive properties expect to fuel market growth over the next few years.


Benefits of Industrial Cleaning.

  • Time and Efficiency: One of the main advantages is the ability to clean large areas in a short amount of time. General reports say the sweeper can clean an area in 2-3 hours and can accommodate 15 or more workers.
  • Working results: The suction and vacuum process used by the sweeper makes the surfaces swept by the sweeper cleaner than traditional manual cleaning processes.
  • Improvement of worker safety: Sweepers allow the cleaning of areas with extreme conditions or environmental hazards. In such areas, manual cleaning is not a safe option as it can lead to health problems for workers.
  • Reduce cost and Increases Productivity: Save the cost of manual cleaning with less manpower. Efficient and fast cleaning over a long period of time increases productivity.


Cleanland Truck Mounted Road Sweeper.

Cleanland manufactures a comprehensive range of sweepers for a wide variety of applications and the toughest cleaning challenges. Designed for ease of use to provide minimal maintenance costs and excellent performance. Cleanland truck-mounted sweeper with 105 hp power at a 2200 rpm auxiliary engine powers the brooms and vaccum, a 6000-liter dust collection capacity, a 30000 m²/h cleaning area and side brushes along with the central main broom. Our truck mounting kits can be installed on domestic and international trucks with gross vehicle weight ratings from 18.5 to 20 tons.


Complete controls to operate the Cleanland truck mounted sweeper are from driver’s cabin only. With strong and powerful manufacturing the machine offers excellent sweeping performance even in challenging working conditions in Power plants, Different Ports & Manufacturing units of different industries.


When you’re looking for an industrial cleaning company you can trust, Cleanland has over the past decade provided complete assurity with a reputation for quality products, ethical practices and reliable service. Cleanland Manufacturer’s machines undergo rigorous quality testing at various stages. These rigorous practices have been implemented to require fewer service and replacement parts over the machine’s operational life.


Cleanland truck-mounted sweeper are ideal for cleaning cement plants, municipal roads, parking lots, industrial areas, power plants, and more. Please use the free consultation after understanding the benefits of the truck mounted sweeper. Please let us know your requirements and we will be happy to conduct an onsite demo at your premises.


Source: https://www.techsciresearch.com/report/global-sweeper-truck-market/1415.html


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