Cleanland Blog on Sustainable Cleanland Sweepers for the toughest industrial cleaning conditions

Sustainable Cleanland Sweepers for the toughest industrial cleaning conditions

Is it tough to clean your industrial premises? Not anymore. Cleanland, with its comprehensive range of sweepers, is an ideal solution for your heavy duty cleaning requirements. We manufacture Ride-on sweepers and truck mounted sweeper for cleaning extensive facilities, roads, harbors, industrial areas, pebbles, coal, dry fertilizers, silica waste, cement waste, etc., with high efficiency. Cleanland sweeper machines are designed for ease of use to provide minimal maintenance costs and excellent performance. The stringent practices have been implemented to require fewer service and replacement parts over the machine’s operational life.


Market Scenario for Sweeping Machines

According to one study, labour shortages and a growing need for infrastructure projects and road improvements are causing authorities to turn to mechanization for maintenance and repairs. A sweeping machine is one such piece of equipment essential in cleaning roads. However, the scenario is different now, with multiple municipalities outsourcing private contractors for sweeper machines. In addition, high labour costs, frequent strikes, and limited availability of labour force across the globe are expected to increase the demand for the sweeper machine market.

Nowadays, infrastructure maintenance has gradually become a focus area and large township developers and civic authorities are increasingly depending on specialized cleaning equipment. The future looks bright for road sweeping machines as project developers and government agencies globally look for mechanized solutions to speed up maintenance operations. As a result, world leading companies are looking to enter this lucrative market.


 Government influences on the expanding market for sweepers

Government initiatives to expand various industries are numerous, which directly / indirectly influence the sweeper machine market. Budget allocation to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is estimated to increase in 2022-23 this is mainly on expanding the National Highways network by 25,000 km in 2022-23. Projects related to transport and logistics infrastructure in the national infrastructure pipeline aligned with government schemes. The PM’s development initiative for the Northeast is implemented through the North-Eastern Council to fund development projects in the Northeast region. Over the next three years, 100 cargo terminals for multimodal logistics facilities will be built.


Sustainable Cleanland Sweepers

Cleanland manufactures sweepers for multiple applications and the toughest cleaning challenges. When you’re looking for an industrial cleaning company you can trust, with a vision of making the world more hygienic, Cleanland has provided complete assurity with a reputation for quality products, ethical practices, reliable service, and technical expertise. Cleanland manufactures machines that undergo rigorous quality testing at various stages. These meticulous practices are been implemented to require fewer service and replacement parts over the machine’s operational life.

Cleanland’s comprehensive range of sweepers are:

  1. Ride On Sweeper Champion: Powered by a powerful 35 hp Mitsubishi engine, the Champion ride on sweeper has a dust collection capacity of 600 liters. Champion sweeper is useful in gated societies, residential apartments, commercial and retail spaces, villas and resorts, IT parks, large parking lots, and more. The Champion Sweeper is best suited for low to medium dust conditions.
  1. Street Sweeper Premium: The Cleanland street sweeper Premium model meets your sweeping and cleaning requirements with a dust collection capacity of 620 liters and a powerful Mitsubishi engine output of 35 hp / 28.8 kW at 3000 rpm. Suitable for medium to high dust conditions.
  1. Industrial Floor Sweeper Premium Plus: Cleanland offers a Premium Plus model with a dust collection capacity of 900 Litres and the power of a Perkins engine of 59hp/44.70kW to meet your cleaning requirements. Ride on premium plus is ideal for high to very high dust conditions.
  1. Truck Mounted Sweeper: We offer a truck-mounted sweeper with a 105 hp power auxiliary engine, a 6000-liter dust collection capacity, and long-duration cleaning. Truck mounted sweeper is ideal for all kinds of cleaning conditions like road and industrial cleaning, Airports, manufacturing plants, factories, and many more.


Cleanland sweeping machines are ideal for cleaning cement plants, municipal roads, parking lots, industrial areas, power plants, gated societies, and many more. We have a well-trained service team to meet all your after sales requirements. For sustainable industrial cleaning, choose Cleanland Sweepers.

Please let us know your requirements. We will be happy to conduct an onsite demo at your premises.






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