Introducing “CLEANLAND” Online Customer Complaints Management System

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For the first time in the sweeping machine industry “CLEANLAND” is proud to introduce online customer complaints management system on the homepage of our website Our online complaint portal will give customers access to register their grievances online and our dedicated service team will go the extra mile to satisfy the customers concern related to his sweeping machine. Our service team will address the complaint within 02 hours and do our best to resolve the complaint within 72 hours maximum.

Meanwhile, our customers will get notified with a service registration number (SR number) as soon as they register their complaints online. They will continue to get notifications on their mobile number at each stage of their complaint until it is addressed to the best of our ability.

Our commitment to our customers goes way beyond their initial purchase. We have adopted a service approach which recognizes that each of our customers is unique. We offer a trusted and reliable partnership through excellence in end-to end service.

We are proud to offer this assurance of customer satisfaction because we at ‘CLEANLAND’ go to great lengths to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with their ‘CLEANLAND’ Industrial sweeping solutions.


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Welcome to Cleanland
Welcome to Cleanland.