Cleanland Road Sweeper GL Shakti Champion

The Ride on sweeper champion model is powered by 35 horse power Mitsubishi engine, the champion sweeper machine has a dust collection capacity of 600 liters. It removes leaves, dust, and debris at up to 17095 m²/h. Cleanland champion’s robust design is insensitive to the numerous sources of variation such as production and assembly tolerances, ambient use conditions, toughest cleaning conditions and many more. 

The Cleanland ride on sweeping machine can climb 18% gradients without compromising performance, making it ideal for cleaning large parking lots. The fully hydraulic design is efficient, durable, provides a more comfortable ride and is more cost-effective. Even in sturdy cleaning conditions, this ride on sweeper powerful filter system ensures optimal cleaning results. 

Each specification, including strength, performance, maneuverability, ease of use, ergonomics, and low cost of ownership, has been carefully designed to meet our goals and complete the client’s cleaning requirements. The ride on sweeper is best suited for low to medium dust conditions. It is useful in gated societies, residential apartments, commercial and retail spaces, villas and resorts, IT parks, large parking lots, warehouses and many more.

Machine Weight1660 Kg.
Machine Dimension (L x W x H) 2560 x 1630 x 2010 mm
Main Broom 1219 mm
Side Broom 558 mm
Sweeping Width 1523 mm
Sweeping Productivity 184000 sq.ft./hr.
Speed15 Km/hr
Hopper Dust Load Capacity 480 Kg.
Hopper Emptying Height Upto 1560 mm
Engine Power Output 28.8 kw@3000 RPM
Drive Cabin Roof Type
Operating System Hydraulic
  • Start Machine
  • Side Broom Down and start for rounding
  • Main Broom Down and start for rounding.
  • Start sweeping in area where dust need to collect with required speed.
  • Hopper Uplift to empty and Dump hopper in dust container to empty all dust.
  • After emptying the hopper, down the hopper.
  • Stop rounding of Brooms and get them up
  • Stop the Machine & Park at place if no need to sweep more
  • Mitsubishi 35 HP 4 Cylinder Engine
  • World Class Hydraulic Pump from Eaton


A Self Propelled Hydraulically operated Automotive Sweeper, Industrial Sweeper, Street Cleaning Machine, Ride On Sweeper

Areas of Application:
1 Warehouse and Distribution 2 Health Care Institution (Hospital’s ) 3 Railway Station
4 Multiplex And Theatre 5 Super markets 6 Pharmacy Companies
7 Garment Industries 8 Research Center 9 Stadium
10 High way Road Cleaning 11 Museum 12 Municipality
13 Corporate Office Building 14 Metro Cities 15 Government Admin Block
16 Airport and Aviation 17 Food and Beverage’s 18 Port
19 Mining and Construction 20 Large Public Sector 21 Petrochemical and oil Industries
22 Large Apartment 23 Temple and Religious Place 24 Court Compound
25 Public Garden 26 Zoo 27 Village Street
28 Tourist Place 29 Small Town 30 Nigams
31 Hotel’s 32 Manufacturing Organization 33 Trust and private Institutional Organization
34 Shopping Mall’s 35 Communicational Sector 36 Rice and Textiles Industries
37 Sugar Industries 38 Column Content 39 Street Cleaning
40 Water Park 41 Educational institution like (School and Universities)

Main Features of the Machine Utilization:

Environmental Friendly One Person Operation and Maintenance Easy to Drive Utilizes efficient Fuel and oil Cost Efficient.